Because Experience Matters

The attorneys and counselors at Wong and Carter, PC are experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished in a wide range of significant practice areas. With approximately 100 years of combined and proven service to a variety of clientele ranging from multi-national corporations to individuals of all walks of life, the Shareholders of the Firm are always available and prepared to fulfill your legal needs. Wong and Carter, PC is prepared to address your needs and concerns anywhere in Arizona, or even worldwide. In today’s complex economy, sound judgment and legal counsel are a necessary component to navigating our world. At Wong and Carter, PC we value your trust and confidence and are prepared to represent, preserve and protect your interests. We invite you to join our many clients in choosing Wong and Carter, PC to be your law firm…Because Experience Matters.

Representative Clients

  • Alumizona, Inc.
  • Adobe Drywall, LLC
  • Adobe Paint, LLC
  • Arizona Signs and Printing, LLC
  • Aspen Construction, Inc.
  • Aspen Interior, Inc.
  • Bannister Moving & Storage
  • Bell Towne Dentistry
  • Chest and Sleep Disease Center
  • Desert Ink, Inc.
  • Electromedical Technologies
  • Elegant International (Hong Kong) Ltd
  • Gulf Stream Properties, LLC

  • Intelsource Group, Inc.
  • JSH Time, LLC
  • Latin Builders
  • Masters Professional Protection, Inc.
  • Matthews Real Estate, LLC
  • Maverick Masonry, Inc.
  • MJR Builders, Inc.
  • Mohave Excavation & Pipe, LLC
  • Paige Heavey Fine Properties
  • Print Team

  • RenCo, LLC
  • R & C Trading, LLC
  • Sacred Heart Nursing Services, Inc.
  • Sage Health, LLC
  • Saguaro Drywall Company
  • Smileworks Dentistry
  • Spectrum Falls Investments, LLC
  • Spectrum Falls Ventures, LLC
  • The J.L. Berry Company, Inc.
  • TK Interior Construction Company
  • Zhaoqing Zhongya Aluminum Co., Ltd.

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